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Seed of Our Foundation

Established in 1974, PICO Modern Agriculture Company was founded by the visionary, Dr. Kamel Tawfik Diab. A pioneer who explored varieties that were non-existent locally but in demand in the most premium markets globally. Dr. Kamel led the first ever cultivation of arid desert land. He also led PICO to connect with global breeders and become the first company to establish tissue culture labs in Egypt.
PICO began its innovations by boosting the Egyptian citrus industry and in order to continue this legacy, the company introduced superior seedless grapes sourced from California. Today this variety compromises 75% of Egypt’s grape export. To increase the country’s export growth opportunities, strawberry nurseries were created for the first time, which transformed their cultivation.

Today Egypt is the world’s 4th largest strawberry producer. Using advanced technology, cultivating neglected land, and effectively establishing a long lasting global relations, PICO proved to have built a promising and successful combination. Dr. Kamel’s entrepreneurial drive has passed down from one generation to the next, and as a 3rd generation family company, PICO now provides exceptional, high-grade produce all over the world.

Pico Agriculture

Our Values


At the core of all our practices is integrity. To be dependable and firm in our convictions. To be transparent and highly communicative to our partners, clients and team. Accountability and commitment to our customers is what allows us to perform to the highest ability. To allow for a dynamic process where feedback and information sharing is encouraged.


At PICO we believe that our people come first. We seek to always retain a company culture that values individuals and allows them to pursue their ambitions and perform to the best of their abilities. With extensive training opportunities, and social and health benefits, our environment is based on the well being of our team. Like any great family, each member is respected and represented.


In order for us to thrive we must be willing to drive innovation. Thus, we continuously research and develop through innovative technology and methodology. In turn, we achieve sustainability and adapt to society’s changing needs. This allows for value creation and enhances our performance while reducing our environmental footprint.

Our Farms

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