Meet the new brand identity of Egypt’s Strawberry Gurus


PICO, the leading agricultural company in growing and exporting fresh produce from Egypt, rebranded today. The company updated its logo and  identity. They also created sub-brands for PICO consumers to get the full experience of what PICO can offer. The latest edition to the logo was the addition of the leaf icon on top of the name. To many, this is just another fresh produce grower symbolizing their footprint in the agricultural sector, but to PICO, it’s a message loud and clear – that PICO is open for change and here to stay, present in the now and ready for the future.


In a recognized appearance of their corporate image and B2B activity, PICO has now managed to create a friendlier face to those shoppers simply looking to buy great quality tasting fruit. The sub-brands of PICO relate to different consumer profiles, targeting diverse opportunities.

Starting with their premium line, they launch PICO Signature; offering only the best international quality from the most exclusive varieties. The simultaneously launch PICO Family; offering great fruit at more affordable prices. Lastly, Elena; a private label owned by PICO to penetrate further existing markets. Still great quality fruit, just through a different channel.


The initiative behind this brand revamp is about more than a corporate rebranding effort. It’s a coming-of-age tale. It’s about PICO’s effort to transform their purpose and cement a new reputation. To change not only how they are perceived throughout the World, but how they perceive themselves. Back in 1974, PICO’s founder, Dr. Kamel Diab, was the first in Egypt to cultivate arid desert land, the first to grow strawberries in Egypt, the first to grow avocados … the list goes on and on. His vision inspired a cult following of employees that turned into friendships, and generations later, into family with their offspring growing the PICO community.


In the words of Dr. Kamel, ‘Our biggest asset is our human capital’.


With the milestones of agricultural innovation under PICO’s belt, their image now reflects that reputation. And as their new slogan reveals their presence for the future, ‘Agricultural Innovation for the Next Generation’, they are clearly here to stay.

The before and after of the PICO logo revamp.

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