Pico Modern Agriculture Company is one of

Egypt's Foremost Produce Exporting Companies

About Us

PICO Modern Agriculture Company, a subsidiary of the PICO Group, is one of Egypt’s top produce exporting companies and a market leader and trendsetter amongst the region, introducing new varieties, latest agricultural techniques, and up-to-date management systems in Egypt and the region.

The company started as a family run enterprise, when the Diab Agriculture Company cultivated crops ever since the 1930s. It later changed its name to PICO Modern Agriculture Company. In 1998 the company was transformed into a private shareholding company under Egyptian law 159 and has enjoyed consistent growth ever since then, which reflects in our many activities and our fruit basket.

In its early beginning, the company cultivated about 1,000 acres and has continuously grown to a total owned land bank of about 7,000 acres with five main farms in the Delta region.

Today PICO Modern Agriculture Company is one of Egypt’s foremost produce exporting companies. We grow and supply a selection of wholesome, healthy and fresh produce to the finest international and national supermarkets. Our fruit basked includes strawberries, stone fruits, grapes as well as citrus, mangos, avocados, pomegranates, lychees and bananas.

We are one big family, caring for our community and bearing responsibility towards the environment.

PICO Principles

We live up to our tradition of growing premium quality fresh produce for the health conscious and flavor seeking consumer. Valuing market trends and innovations allows us to create and deliver in compliance with current consumer demands and food safety standards to our wide range of clients while always improving our know-how in agriculture and enhancing the sustainability of the lands that we cultivate. We value our community and employees and commit to providing opportunities for learning, professional growth and a better quality of life.

Our capital is our honesty, integrity, and reputation.